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What is HIIT workout?

HIIT or high-intensity interval training is a high-intensity workout. By doing light exercises alternately at intervals. During intense exercise will cause heart rate is as high as 85-90%. While light exercise is resting to reduce the heart rate. By doing strenuous exercise alternately until the

What is Vegan ?

A type of vegetarian diet which is becoming more popular among health lovers in this modern era The group of people who consume vegan food are more strict than eating a veggie or vegetarian in general, because in addition to the vegan Will no longer eat meat of any

How to take care of your skin in winter.

Although this year the winter is coming very slowly, but I believe that in the  next two  months, many provinces of Thailand will encounter at lower temperatures Sometimes there may be some drizzle to get wet, causing many people to get sick. Whether it’s young children, older children, elderly people, taking

How to deal with toxic dust PM 2.5.

Although preventing PM 2.5 toxic dust by various methods. Such as wearing a special dust mask. Use an expensive air purifier will be a solution to the destination problem. But if we don’t protect from today and know how to deal with the dangerous dust. May destroy our health until it becomes

What kind of medicines do you need to “eat all”?

Some medicines must be consumed even after symptoms have healed. Most of the medicines that need to be consumed even. After feeling sick are antiseptics and medicines to treat chronic illnesses. For your health. Disinfectant For those who are sick who have received antibiotics to continue eating at

Durian should not be eaten with anything.

Durian is a delicious fruit that has a warming effect. Therefore in addition to the heat that may occur in the body. Certain foods or beverages should not be eaten with durian for many reasons such as. 1. Do not eat durian with soft drinks.           Durian and

Can I wear a mask for running?

Hygienic masks have become everyone’s item since the covid-19 crisis and not only that. But during the season when PM2.5 dust returns, N95 is a mask that plays an important role. However, when going to exercise, especially when running in parks or outdoor sports fields, should we wear a mask or N95 mask while

Work - Life Balance

4 Steps to have Work – Life Balance in life

4 Steps to have Work – Life Balance in life for good lifestyle . If we want to work smoothly and live in harmony. Also known as Work-Life Balance, we have to manage things. to achieve smoothness Because if you focus on one or the other, there might not be much balance. Focusing

What are delicious foods that risk of  heart disease ?

What are delicious foods that risk of  heart disease ?

What are delicious foods that risk of  heart disease ? In addition to being sweet at the risk of heart disease. Let’s take a closer look at the types of delicious foods that can be eaten and are at risk of “heart disease”. processed food Sausage, bacon is a