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What is Brain dump?

What is Brain dump?

What is Brain dump ? Brain dump is to organize thoughts. Or conveying a pile of ideas and stories in the head. Using the method of writing on paper, in a notebook or in computers and phones. Why do we have to do a brain dump ? Our brains remember a lot of information. Each day we

The easy way to relieve stress

Easy way to relieve stress

The easy way to relieve stress. Stress is the main cause of health problems.Health and Wellbeing Score Survey, “stress” is at the center of the problem that affects health.  Pick a period of time to unwind each day and think of things positively . If

Burnout Syndrome

What is burnout syndrome ?

Burnout Syndrome or work blackouts , In addition to stress Another popular symptom that is becoming increasingly popular among working-age people is Burnout Syndrome, or occupational burnout. Which is another cause of stress and lack of motivation in the workplace.  If you are wondering if you are

Good Habits for work

5 Good Habits for work

5 Good Habits for work. If we want to be an important person in the company, have good results, always work smart and knowledgeable, what should we do? Today, GL is bringing 5 habits that a smart worker should have for her friends of Goodlife. 1.

prepare for running

Tips to practice running

Tips to prepare for running training sessions for new runners.Nowadays, health and fitness trends are on the rise. In particular, running . It no matter where you turn it, you can often see many health lovers inviting each other to run for exercise. Whether they are celebrities,

get your sanity

“get your sanity” back before anything goes wrong!

“get your sanity” back before anything goes wrong!. Living without consciousness, even in the moment But it can make us make mistakes, so let’s hurry and get our minds back before things are too late to fix it. 1. Recognize that you are angry, angry, and upset when

work from home

What kind of work from home will save your costs ?

WFH! What kind of work from home will save you energy costs and waste the least?. Although many people are confined to home and work from home for a while. The problem that follows is the “electricity bill” that has increased significantly.  Choose to sit in the coolest

black coffee

The advantages of black coffee

The advantages of black coffee are good for health.Who likes to drink black coffee? Black coffee has a bitter taste. Some people may not like. But black coffee is beneficial for health. Anyone who likes to drink a delicious sweet espresso cappuccino latte. I want you to try to drink

rules of communication

6 rules of communication

6 rules of communication with anyone that sounds believable.Because every day we all need to communicate and communicate on a regular basis. There are many ways to chat to impress the interlocutor. Here are some key points that GoodLife would like to recommend to everyone to adopt are: 1.

stop doing bad habit

If you want happiness just stop doing bad habit.

How can we stop doing bad habit ? So what is bad with life? Anything that has been done in life is rarely found to be very happy. Some people may do it without knowing. Like that in everyday life until getting used to and numbed with these