5 ways to deal with your mental health

5 ways to deal with your mental health to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. The COVID-19 epidemic puts us under stringent social practice and measures that must be followed together. To prevent the spread of disease. This affects many aspects such as life, work, economy, society, education. Especially the psychological impact that if we do not know how to cope properly in the long run.  5 ways to cope with the state of mind to be able to overcome the crisis as follows:

5 ways to deal with your mental health

1. Be mindful and in the present.

When this change occurs, the first thing you should do is stay mindful. Understand that the current situation is something we cannot control. Should be back in the present Be aware of and be open to the existence of emotions because it is natural for human beings to fall into uncontrollable situations. There is always anxious thoughts that arise. Therefore, having self-consciousness Be brave enough to face any challenges and see what we can do and how to best deal with them.

2. Find yourself in a new angle.

Many people may think that during this period there is too much free time and too much for themselves and their minds are depressed. I rarely go out to meet with friends as before. But in fact, being more self-centered may allow us to see ourselves in new ways that we never knew before. For example, from where we couldn’t cook. You can cook delicious food, and it is also a creative activity that helps to strengthen the relationship of the family as well. 

3. Follow the news, but just right

Adding information about COVID-19 is still necessary. But being overly aware of information can cause anxiety. Therefore, you should follow the news, but just to prevent the media consumption that is too panic. And choose to consume only reliable news sources such as government agencies and public health organizations. Do not forward news that is received from within the chat application due to the high probability of Fake News.

4. Passing on the creative mind power

Despite having to social distance or adjust life behavior to a New Normal, we can still take care and care of those around us by talking with friends through chat, Video Call applications, etc. Normally, or if passing by, they send smiles to greet each other. It is advisable to try to avoid talking about stressful things and to shift into general discussions. Inquiring about the sorrows of those around him Even if it looks a little But these things can help relieve feelings of loneliness and relieve the stress of yourself and those around you.

5. Consult a psychiatrist.

Of course, in this type of COVID-19 situation, many people will be exposed to stress, which is unavoidable. But coping with the stress that each person arises is not as effective, and the average person may not take long to adjust. But people with this problem are so affected that they do not manage their stress well enough. Or people with psychiatric symptoms may need to be consulted and talked to with a psychiatrist. To find ways to cope with the incident Which at present, consulting a psychiatrist is not a distant issue anymore. Because in addition to helping maintain mental health properly It also allows us to cope better with other problems.