Can the glasses block blue light or not ?

Can the glasses block blue light or not ? Blue light is the light present in various digital devices. That are used in everyday life. Such as televisions, computers, mobile phones or tablets. Which people who use their eyes to stare at the screen for a long time may experience eye strain, dry eyes, and less blinking down.  There is eye fatigue Blue light can affect the human body’s circadian clock. by helping to wake up in the morning. But this exposure is too much at night. This may result in difficulty falling asleep.

Although there are currently advanced technologies in the production of various types of eyeglass lenses, but there is no research that can confirm that there are. What kind of eyeglasses Can help filter blue light. There are only reports that People who wore shortwave radiation protection glasses three hours before going to bed for two weeks. Try continuously had a 58% increase in melatonin levels, a hormone produced by the pituitary gland and contributes to sleep. By making it sleep faster and more comfortable.