Check yourself that we are. Are you working too hard?

Check yourself that we are. Are you working too hard? Many people work hard as slaves. But did not realize that he was Overworked Until loss of life balance (Work-life balance) come to check yourself with 8 short questions that will help us see the root cause of the problem. And able to solve working problems at the same point.

Check yourself that we are. Are you working too hard?

1. Are you working too hard ,Can we finish the job on time or not?

Anyone who is an office worker who has a clear time in – out, ask yourself if The tasks that we have to do on a daily basis can we do it in practice in real time or not? Are we able to work only during our work hours? Do we need to carry work back to home after work or on our holidays? And on our holiday We are still under the job. Or need to hurry to solve the job or not How much personal time do we have that is separate from our work hours?

2. We have a hobby or something we like to do on a regular basis. But currently unable to do so Because there is no strength and no time?

Check yourself that we are. Are you working too hard?

Everyone has things that they love to do, whether it’s watching movies, watching TV, playing games, collecting stuff, shopping, playing sports, diving, painting, etc. (even lying and rolling around). It is considered something that I like to do.) Take a look back at yourself and ask yourself. Whether we “have time” today to do those things we like? Why can’t we do it? And are we still waiting for the time to come back and do it again?

If we are still waiting for the time to get back to doing. Let’s make arrangements that we like to include in our schedule. And let’s go and make it come true.

3. How much time do we have with the people we love?

When was the last time we ate ufabet dinner with friends?

Do we have time to take our parents to the place where we want to go?

We reject the appointments of our loved ones. Because of how often about work

Do we have enough time for the people we love?

4. Do we have time to exercise or not?

This question is called a popular question. Commonly used in scheduling testing Organize life balance, even if we have a lot of work If we can balance work and personal time very well, it can be said that having smart work (Smart Work) will be able to allocate time for activities that are good for us, such as exercise appropriately. And did not feel burdensome Or embarrassment to do

5. Do I often get sick or sick?

We work hard Until I don’t have time to take care of myself or not The result of working so hard that life balance is lost Bad health Until illness often or when it becomes unwell, it becomes heavier and longer than usual. If so We should adjust our behavior. For working life And good personal life And have more happiness

6. We have time to relax. That is really resting or not how much Enough or not

We deserve a quality vacation. Regularly But in fact Do we have time to truly relax? We sacrifice time to relax. To work hard Thinking of just being young and healthy now, it’s okay if it continues like this. We may lose our “health,” which is something we cannot use to compensate for any money or valuables.

7. Do we receive a salary or compensation in connection with our labor and loss?

Work must be paid Is already common But the compensation received Is it related to the work we do?

We were used as slaves, taking a lot of personal time and time. Work hard until you lose your health But getting so little money that it is not enough If so It is still time for us to change. For a better life

8. Are we happy with the work that we do?

The most important question is, are we happy with the work we do? If we are not happy with our work What are some ways we can make ourselves happier at work? What jobs, opportunities, or options can make us happier?