Durian should not be eaten with anything.

Durian is a delicious fruit that has a warming effect. Therefore in addition to the heat that may occur in the body. Certain foods or beverages should not be eaten with durian for many reasons such as.

1. Do not eat durian with soft drinks.

          Durian and soft drink shouldn’t be eaten together at all. Because durian is a fruit that is high in sugar and high in fat. It is difficult to digest. Sweet sodas on the other hand, are high in sugar and carbonic acid. When taken together. They will not only cause bloating and bloating. But will also consume more sugar than necessary. resulting in a rapid increase in blood sugar If the patient has diabetes or heart disease. It may be shocking. but for normal people. The accumulation of sugar in the body a lot. If you can’t burn it all. It will turn into fat. Easy to get fatter

2. Do not eat durian and longan.

          Longan and durian are both high sugar fruits. Eat and give more energy so quickly that it can heat the inside as well. Therefore it is better not to eat durian and longan. Especially diabetic patients who need to strictly control their blood sugar levels.

3. Do not eat durian with other high sugar fruits.

          High-sugar fruits like lychees, rambutans, jackfruits, ripe mangoes, and durians. should not be paired together Because the body will get a very high amount of sugar quickly, causing the blood sugar level to spike in a short time. If it is not metabolized, it will accumulate and become fat in the body. Or if you are diabetic, you may have fainting and unconsciousness.

4. Do not eat durian with sweets.

          The problem is the amount of sugar as usual. Therefore If you want to eat durian. You should avoid sweets, bread, sweet drinks, and bakery items first. To prevent the body from getting too high sugar, oh! durian cake menu. Durian Sticky Rice If it can be avoided, it will be good too.

5. Do not eat durian with liquor.

         Alcoholic beverages such as liquor, beer, wine should not be eaten with durian. Because alcohol and durian provide high energy. As a result, the body’s metabolic processes have to work harder. Body temperature will rise. Plus alcohol has a diuretic effect. The body becomes dehydrated, which makes the body hotter.

          In addition, durian is a fruit that has a lot of sulfur. This substance is very soluble in alcohol. When eaten together, they get drunk quickly. The body will heat more than normal. and cause dehydration to the point that the mineral salt level is out of balance In addition, eating durian with liquor decreases the detoxification enzymes produced by the metabolism of alcohol. and may add to the toxic effects of liquor Lead to adverse reactions such as hot flashes, flushing, dizziness, tremors, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting. In some cases, reactions may be severe until causing respiratory disorders, heart failure, abnormal brain function. until causing danger to life at all by how severe the symptoms are depending on the amount eaten and the ability of each person’s body to destroy alcoholDurian. How to eat properly. No harm.