Easy tips to reduce hair loss

     Easy tips to reduce hair loss . Is it ok? Wash your hair at any hair loss in clumps. Plus I am still thin until my friends say I am bald! Anyone who is troubled with this hair loss problem , follow us this way. Today we have a good technique. In solving the problem of hair loss Reduce the symptoms of thin hair, let’s leave each other! Which is an easy way to do No need to waste money to grow hair of any kind. Who wants to get beautiful, thick hair back. Let’s read

 Easy tips to reduce hair loss

Wipe or dry your hair well after shampooing.

     The first several methods. People may not think that we should actually wipe the hair or blow the hair just enough to damp. Do not let your hair wet or blow it too hot! Because of drying the hair with too much heat It will make the scalp dry. And letting the hair wet without wiping it It will cause a fungus on the scalp. Both of which are the causes of hair follicles and hair that are so weak that they eventually fall out!

Reduce eating foods that risk hair loss.

     Eating is one of the important reasons that can affect the hair loss. By foods that we should avoid They should not eat too much.
• Foods that are high in fat. Because of greasy food That we eat will be more likely to create more fat. Resulting in oily scalp And make fine hair It is easier to fall.
• Monosodium Glutamate powder because seasoning powder or monosodium glutamate is a barrier to the absorption of vitamin B6 , a vitamin that stimulates hair growth, sure enough.

Use a shampoo that is especially focused on reducing hair loss.

     If you wash your hair and notice a lot of hair loss while shampooing, try switching to a chemical-free shampoo. Made from herbs Or natural extracts instead Because the use of a chemical-free shampoo will help reduce the rate of hair loss quite a lot.  you can choose to use a shampoo that focuses on reducing hair loss especially as well. Because the shampoo can cure hair loss problem on the spot It will help keep the scalp healthy. Hair looks thicker and shinier. Helps reduce the symptoms of hair loss and thinning hair well.

Hair treatment with natural formula

     In addition to washing your hair with products that are good for your hair. Frequent hair maintenance Like fermentation Can help make my hair thicker and more shiny! By fermentation, I should focus on a natural recipe that is best, whether it is.
• Fermentation with bergamot. By fermenting the hair with bergamot, it is called a traditional ancient recipe ever. It is a hair treatment formula that helps to get rid of dandruff, reduce oily hair, keep hair soft and beautiful And can reduce hair loss Suggest to bring 4-5 kaffir lime fruit to boil enough to make the kaffir lime soft. And bring it to squeeze only the water Then take the lime juice to marinate the hair for 2-5 minutes and then rinse. Do it 2 times a week to get softer and more beautiful hair anyway.
• Hair fermentation with coconut oil. Apply coconut oil to the hair. Leave it for 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Then wash your hair as usual Coconut oil will help nourish and soften your hair. Not dry and fluff Plus, it can help reduce the symptoms of hair loss easily as well.