“get your sanity” back before anything goes wrong!

“get your sanity” back before anything goes wrong!. Living without consciousness, even in the moment But it can make us make mistakes, so let’s hurry and get our minds back before things are too late to fix it.

get your sanity

1. Recognize that you are angry, angry, and upset when you are upset.

Try practicing ‘being aware’ every time when a bad mood arises in your mind, and you will realize that it will slowly go out on its own.

2. Realize that you are happy. Upon hearing the compliment or found a favorite story

Being mindful of whether you’re happy or happy can help you understand one truth. ‘ ufabet Happiness is impermanent.’ Happiness is a temporary thing, it arises and it will disappear.

3. Realize that you are walking, standing, eating, sleeping, sitting or doing various activities.

Being aware of every action will help you stand in a precautionary manner. It also makes your mind light and comfortable because there is no messy ‘trash’ to bear.

4. Realize that you are thinking about the past and worrying about the future.

Meaning that you are conscious that I myself do not live in the present. Which is aware like this often It will allow you to pull yourself out of the distraction. It is easily aching.