How to deal with toxic dust PM 2.5.

Although preventing PM 2.5 toxic dust by various methods. Such as wearing a special dust mask. Use an expensive air purifier will be a solution to the destination problem. But if we don’t protect from today and know how to deal with the dangerous dust. May destroy our health until it becomes a disease It affects both health, money, and time. Therefore, the practice of preventing health hazards is important to pay attention to.

Practice to prevent toxic dust  PM 2.5

  • Reduce the use of personal vehicles and use public transport instead
  • Avoid open burning, such as burning of land for agricultural preparation, burning waste or waste materials, etc.
  • Refrain from exercising in the open air. Instead, exercise in the shade.
  • Eat foods that help prevent the harmful effects of PM 2.5 dust , such as vitamin C, boosting the immune system, reducing problems from allergies to various systems, especially the respiratory system.  or omega- 3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory Help prevent the deterioration of the body from exposure to PM 2.5 dust.
  • Wear a hygienic mask every time you need to go out of the house. or open space It is recommended to wear a mask of a type known as “ N nine-fifth (N95)” , especially for patients with respiratory disease. or chronic heart disease because it can prevent.