How to take care of your skin in winter.

Although this year the winter is coming very slowly, but I believe that in the  next two  months, many provinces of Thailand will encounter at lower temperatures Sometimes there may be some drizzle to get wet, causing many people to get sick. Whether it’s young children, older children, elderly people, taking care of the skin of girls or even an adult.

 For the skin, it can get sick in the winter, especially those with dry skin , skin allergies or psoriasis. There may be more symptoms of anxiety. Therefore, we should prepare the skin. fight the cold Association of Dermatologists of Thailand therefore ask for advice for knowledge to the public as follows:

How to take care of your skin in winter

How to take care of your skin in winter.

1.   Don’t forget to apply moisturizing cream. Moisturizer

–  Choose a moisturizer that is strong. thicker than UFABET in the summer by looking at the ingredients that are given Mainly moisture ( humectants)  , such as glycerin ( glycerine),  sorbitol ( sorbitol),  ceramides ( ceramide)  in the case of dry skin. may use a moisturizer that is a waxy texture that can Can retain moisture to the skin. Better than a cream or lotion Or use oils such as coconut oil after bathing. A few tips should apply moisturizer after. Take a shower immediately to increase absorption. even better

2.  Avoid hot showers and strong soaps.

–  Taking a bath or soaking in warm water It may make you feel comfortable and relaxed in winter, but the heat from the water It will destroy the fat that protects the skin. causing loss of moisture from the skin increased Should take a warm bath. Do not use and take a shorter bath than before, may use less soap. Choose a product that provides more moisture , rubbing only the crooked area and followed by a moisturizer immediately after showering.

3.  Drink more clean water.

–   In winter the weather is dry. Causes more water loss through the skin, therefore should drink more water, at least 8-10 glasses per day.

4. Refrain from using products that cause Irritation

–   Acne medication,  AHA  products,  whitening  substances that cause skin peeling During winter, it will make your skin dry. Therefore, it should stop using it first.

5. Apply sunscreen products.

– during cold weather being under the sun will add warmth But at the same time, during winter, there are less clouds and more UV  light can pass through. can cause skin damage If you go to a country with snow, the sea will reflect more light. Therefore, you should apply sunscreen that protects against both  UV A  and  UV B.

6.  Consult a dermatologist.

– In case of rash, itching, very dry skin, which is usually on the shins, hips, abdomen, caused by dry skin or the original allergy rash It is necessary to use topical or oral medication , consult a doctor. for proper medication and care