How to treat blemishes and dark spots on the face

1. Take tretinoin drugs. 

How to treat blemishes

     How to treat blemishes and dark spots on the face. Medicines used to treat melasma and dark spots Will be a drug that can be purchased at a drugstore. The first group is the tretinoin (vitamin A derivative), which the mechanism of vitamin A will make our skin cells shed more. When the skin has shed Pigments will be released along with our skin. Makes the blemish look faded. The advantage of these drugs is that they are relatively safe. And in addition to treating melasma Can also treat acne too. But the disadvantages of this group of drugs are the same. Is that the treatment period takes quite a long time for the blemishes to fade until clearly May take at least 6 months – 1 year ever and should not be used in pregnant women. Because it can affect the fetus 

2. Azelaic Acid is How to treat blemishes.

     Drug group 2 is drug group Azelaic Acid. This drug is a little acidic. The mechanism of these drugs is to cause our skin to turn itself faster and the drugs themselves have an effect on the cells that make up the pigment. Reduce the generation of pigment down Make our facial skin have a normal color faster. But the disadvantage of this drug group is The drug itself is acidic. There may be a burning sensation and irritation of the face. And the duration of treatment is as long as With the first group That is, it takes several months to a year.

3. Thiamidol Cosmetic Dermatology

     Cosmetic medicine popularly used in the treatment of freckles and dark spots on the face is called Thiamidol, which will inhibit an enzyme called Tyrosinase, which is an important enzyme used in the pigmentation. Able to reduce the thickness of blemishes and freckles. Including black spots And can prevent recurrence too The advantage is that it is more effective than general cosmetic products. And if used in a high concentration, there are no side effects. Pregnant women can also use Thiamidol. It is relatively safe and is not absorbed into the bloodstream. But the disadvantages of this one are the same. Because it is a synthetic substance Therefore, the price may be slightly higher than other drugs.

4. Avoid the sun.

     The main cause of melasma is sunlight. The way to treat and prevent it is to avoid the sun as much as you can. That doesn’t mean you can’t leave the house. It’s just that when you leave the house. We may have to avoid it by not walking in the sun for a long time. If possible, walk indoors, or use an umbrella that protects against the sun and UV radiation to keep your body from being exposed to the sun.