Learn a variety of ways… help to stay away from Alzheimer ‘s disease.

Learn a variety of ways… to stay away from Alzheimer’s disease.In the story of Alzheimer’s, nature does not like violating laws, especially the brains, which are our very special organs, serving incessantly. But when you start not treating your brain the way it should The brain is ready to bring troubling things to come later. And do not have to wait long with dementia “Alzheimer’s” amnesia, the most feared human memory impairment. Which is a disease that no one wants to meet

Because there is nothing more painful than how you slowly Forgetting someone you love The bitter sweet experience that has been through Or even the memories for yourself that fade away without your brain being able to serve up your original memories.

stay away from Alzheimer

1. Play brain training games, study, learn non-stop.

Don’t let your brain stop learning new things. Because the brain is used, the more intelligent, the stronger Whether it is academic knowledge Or even using your brain to play games Is considered to train the brain all the time This helps reduce the risk of anchor disease. Alzheimer’s possible deterioration

2. Maintain normal blood pressure.

Anyone with high blood pressure Should be controlled to be within the normal range. In addition to being beneficial in reducing the risk of all diseases, it can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. In addition, it should modify the behavior of sleeping late. Stop drinking, smoking, and limit your intake of salty, greasy, spicy foods, and processed foods.

stay away from Alzheimer

3. Don’t let your ears be anything.

The fact that we have deaf ears and hard to hear Until the perception of sounds worse, the brain that converts sound into meaning will gradually Blocked too Which is considered to affect other brain development It increases the risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease without knowing. Anyone who likes to listen to loud music. Or working in a noisy place Should stop or avoid the occurrence of ear loss as well.

4. Fat to thin. Need to fix body weight quickly

It’s unbelievable that abnormal body weight can affect Alzheimer’s, so we should maintain a normal body weight. Is having a normal body mass index (ufabet BMI) Not fat to belly or thin as skin on the bone. Anyone who knows whether it’s too fat or too skinny. You must allocate eating, sleeping and exercising to reduce fat. Increase muscle Keeps the body healthy.

5. Diabetes is the cause of many other diseases.

Control the blood sugar level for good. Because people with diabetes will result in other diseases. There are many other diseases such as angina, heart disease, including Alzheimer’s, so you should see your doctor regularly. Take your medication as directed. And control eating well for overall health