Simple recipes to accelerate long hair

   Simple recipes to accelerate long hair. Any short haired girl who wants to accelerate long hair, want long hair quickly, do not wait, hurry and see the  formula for accelerating long hair. That we bring to each other today, urgently! Bored with short hair, I want to grow longer. But to make short hair become long hair in a few hours, a few days would be difficult. But for those who can’t wait I want to accelerate my hair growth a little faster. Today we have a good trick. Let’s introduce Which even though I did not see results quickly overnight But then I guarantee that my hair grows faster, hair is stronger, and it will not fall out easily too!

recipes to accelerate long hair

1. Wash your hair properly

     Who thinks that washing your hair more often It will make my hair grow fast. I say that it is a wrong idea! How to wash your hair properly is a way to help your hair grow faster. Which is the correct shampoo that is Not washing your hair every day Because washing your hair every day will make your scalp dry. Lack of moisture And should not scratch your head hard Because it will cause the scalp to be hurt and hair loss, hair loss without knowing it anyway. Recommend that while washing your hair, massage your hair and scalp as well. By using your fingers to press and massage on various points On the head for at least 3 minutes, which the massage will help stimulate blood circulation as well And accelerate the growth of hair to grow faster in itself!

2. Marinate the hair with egg yolk + olive oil.

     Eggs are food that people want to have long hair quickly, must love it. Because eggs are foods that are high in protein and biotin. Especially the egg yolk! Which the yolk will help maintain healthy and shiny hair And also nourishes the hair roots Reduce the lack of hair loss as well. For my hair marinade recipe with egg yolk and olive oil, it is easy to do, just mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 2 yolks. Then apply it to the scalp, massage gently, leave it for 15–20 minutes, then rinse. And wash with shampoo as usual, doing 1-2 times a month, it will help reduce hair loss. Hair grows faster!

3. Marinate your hair with coconut oil.

     In addition to eggs and olive oil. There is also another kind of coconut oil here. That help nourish and accelerate hair length can be seen as a result Which coconut oil will help nourish and soften hair Helps add moisture to the hair is not dry and cracked. Coconut oil also contains vitamin E that helps promote hair growth! By introducing coconut oil to mix with a little hot water. Then apply it all over the head, massage in a gentle circular motion and leave it on for about 30 minutes. This will help make your hair long and beautiful.

4. Use a shampoo that accelerates hair growth.

     Accelerating long hair will see the results even faster. If we use a shampoo that helps to accelerate long hair in combination with hair fermentation. Which now there are many different shampoo bands That developed the formula to stand out in terms of accelerating hair more If you are choosing to buy a shampoo that accelerates your hair, it is recommended that you buy one that contains biotin that helps accelerate your hair growth. Or a shampoo containing natural extracts, herbs like bergamot, will help make your hair more shiny and black as well!

5. Eat vitamins to accelerate hair growth is recipes to accelerate long hair.

     Another way to add biotin Is to eat vitamins or biotin properties that help accelerate hair growth, sure enough. There are many brands of hair nourishing vitamins in the market. Most of the time, those vitamins help reduce hair loss, hair loss, thicker, longer, shiny and weighty hair, but for taking vitamins, it should not be continued for the long term It is recommended to eat foods rich in protein with increased biotin. It will be the safest for the body.