Tips to practice running

Tips to prepare for running training sessions for new runners.Nowadays, health and fitness trends are on the rise. In particular, running . It no matter where you turn it, you can often see many health lovers inviting each other to run for exercise. Whether they are celebrities, celebrities who tend to put on pictures showing off their cool figure. While exercising, social media allows fans to follow each other and make them feel encouraged to turn to run. 

 prepare for running

1. Set goals for running.

Setting goals for yourself is important, whether it’s running for health. Running to lose weight Run to finish the marathon Or running to break their own records, etc. These all keep us motivated to run. And is also a driving force to be able to achieve goals

 prepare for running

2. Get enough rest

Should sleep for at least 4-6 hours, because if we do not get enough rest While we are running, it may make our face faint.

3. Warm up before – after running, important things that should not be overlooked.

It is a step in preparing both your body and mind. In the body, it helps to increase the heart rate. This is a signal to alert the muscular system to help the muscles relax. Increase in muscle temperature Increase the circulation of the blood system Increase the flexibility of tendons and joints As for the mind Like preparing the state of mind Let go of various stressful matters To prepare to exercise

“Warm-up” will help reduce the risk of injury. May begin with a gentle walk And add to a slow pace Then followed by stretching.

“Cooldown” is the preparation of various systems. Return the body to its normal state Cooldown, if done correctly, will help eliminate waste. Burns in exercise and also contributes to weight loss as well.Cooldown method can be achieved by losing weight for 5-10 minutes jog

4. Beginners practice distance and time accordingly.

The first phase of your training starts with a 10-15 minute jog for the first week. After that gradually Develop a longer time to run and gradually increase the distance, may choose a location according to the park. Or sometimes invite friends Come jogging together so you don’t feel bored and give up on exercising. In addition, things that should not be overlooked during training are Must evaluate your own body should not be too overdoing Because it will put the risk in a state of dehydration is dangerous

5. Choose to wear appropriate clothing for exercise.

 prepare for running

For girls who want to run and exercise to be in perfect shape, good health, sports bras are important to women. We should not be overlooked. Choosing a sports bra that fits. Will help support the breasts as well Shock protection.

In addition, the fabric is something that women should not ignore, should choose fabrics specifically for exercise wear. Will help ventilate well Choosing pants Should be selected according to the body shape. Compression pants Is another good option Its strength is Reduces muscle tremors It can reduce injuries or cramps while we are exercising for a long time.

Finding beautiful fashion Which nowadays there are many brands making out a lot Is considered to be another force that makes us enjoy running as well.

6. Choose the right shoes for your feet.

For beginner runners, they’ll always shop for jogging shoes. Do not wear fashion sneakers or choose shoes that feel tight. Not suitable for myself Come to exercise is strictly prohibited. Choose ufabet shoes that fit your forefoot and buy shoes that are specifically for a running shoe store.

Let’s look at the store and try it out until you are sure that… this pair !! It suits us the most, you can choose any color, any type, but don’t forget to choose the right shoes for the area you are going to run. Because shoes designed for flat ground running are different. Choosing the right type of shoes will help reduce the impact. Cooling And also helps to make our feet stable and save energy as well.