Vegetables and fruits that are high in “prebiotics”

Vegetables and fruits that are high in  prebiotics which are food that cannot be digested and absorbed in the small intestine. when entering the colon will be digested and As food for probiotics. This process helps the digestive tract to function normally. Reduce many toxins that accumulate along the intestinal wall Build immunity. It also helps prevent and treat various diseases. 

These prebiotics are found in many fruits and vegetables, such as

1. Onions  

In addition to prebiotics that help the digestive system, “ ufabet Onions” are also full of oligofructose. Which is a natural source of inulin Vitamin C and Quercetin Which helps fight free radicals Research has revealed that Onions have anti-cancer properties, reduce hunger (help people lose weight) and prevent heart disease.

  2. Oatmeal  

oats as a source of prebiotic. That help increase good bacteria in the gut Which has properties that help digestion Reduce LDL cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar levels. Besides that, raw oats Can also resist inflammation And can also reduce weight

  3. Asparagus  

Asparagus has enormous antioxidants. Which helps in the prevention of cancer It is also full of potassium. Folate and other B vitamins that help build muscles And, of course, the prebiotics that this asparagus has to offer, G&C recommends that it be cooked just right. To prevent nutrients from decaying with heat

  4. Mushrooms  

Mushrooms, especially “Shiitake”, are loaded with essential prebiotic called beta-glucan, which has healing properties. Makes the body recover faster And strengthen the immune system

  5. Garlic  

Besides garlic, it is full of antioxidants that help fight cancer. It also helps strengthen your gut. (Just like onions), garlic also contains a type of fiber called “inulin” which helps the beneficial bacteria in the gut to increase. Inhibits the multiplication of (bad) bacteria that cause diarrhea

  6. Whole Grains  

Whole grains or whole grains such as wheat, rye and barley. Are full of fibers and prebiotics. It increases the level of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Research has revealed that Barley has the ability to build a strong immune system. Prevents obesity, heart disease, diabetes and keeps cholesterol levels stable.

 7. Chia and Flax Seeds  

These grains are the best source of omega-3s, packed with soluble fiber. And there are also prebiotics that help repair the healthy intestinal mucosa.

  8. Apples  

Apples contain pectin (a natural fruit fiber) found in apple peel. Studies have shown that it helps the good bacteria in the gut grow. In both the flesh, apples are also a source of inulin. And fructoligosaccharides That help build antioxidants Lowering cholesterol And help protect you from heart disease