Vitamin Water, the hottest drink trend this year

Vitamin Water, the hottest drink trend this year. Undoubtedly more people are choosing healthy food. Combined with food innovations that are constantly evolving and still just right with the timing of the epidemic’s turbulence. This makes people start to find every way to strengthen their strength from the inside out. Vitamin Water or vitamin water is another option that people turn to attention.

Vitamin Water

  Get to know Vitamin water

Vitamin drinks are not new to the beverage market. It has been around since 2000 in the United States, after ufabet Coca-Cola beverage maker Energy Brands released the first vitamin-infused mineral water to fill the gap between soft drinks and water with calories. Less than But also refreshes the drinkers. Also helps replace essential nutrients that the body is lacking. It comes in fruit-flavored juices such as fruit punch, citrus, dragon fruit, kiwi-strawberry, and lemon flavor.

However, in the past several years, Thai people have become more familiar with vitamin-infused water. And most of them are fruit flavored juices mixed with vitamin C that focus on strengthening antioxidants.

Today’s multivitamin drinking water is no longer a multi-flavored and colorful water. It looks like a clear water in a plastic bottle that tastes like plain water. Sugar free Adding additional scent to make the drinkers smell fresh and have “B complex” as the main protagonist. The origin of this new form of vitamin-infused water came from drinking water of hospital patients who were unable to consume vitamin tablets.

  Living a healthy life  

Vitamin B Complex or Vitamin B Complex is known as an important vitamin Necessary for the body. We can find it in both meat and plants. Including fish, pork, milk, eggs, brown rice, mushrooms and nuts. Which overall benefits of these B vitamins help to Strengthen immunity Enhance brain function. l This is why consumers who are already looking for healthy food and drinks are easy to turn their attention.

When meeting the current “Eat for health” in the present era Beverage business . Whether it is milk, sweetened beverages or even soft drinks, new alternatives have been developed such as 0% sugar, less sugary drinks. Or drinks with added sweeteners instead of sugar. Including drinking water mixed with this vitamin, which has the advantage that it tastes like water. Drink and do not have to be suspicious about the sugar content. But it has benefits for the body than drinking plain water.