What are delicious foods that risk of  heart disease ?

What are delicious foods that risk of  heart disease ?

In addition to being sweet at the risk of heart disease. Let’s take a closer look at the types of delicious foods that can be eaten and are at risk of “heart disease”.

processed food

Sausage, bacon is a food that is at risk of causing heart disease. because it contains sodium including residues that negatively affect the body. Therefore, it should be eaten in moderation about once a week.

 fast food

For people with limited time more in the morning Fast food is the perfect choice. Such as sandwiches, grilled chicken, salads, pizzas, and burgers. They are all types of food that are harmful to health together. Because it is a type of food that contains sugar and high calorie Contribute to diabetes, obesity. Including a risk of heart disease and a heart attack

 Fried food

It is one of the most popular food types. that many people like Which is at risk of causing heart disease in the first place. Because it contains fatty ingredients that cause elevated cholesterol levels. It also contains saturated fat. and salt in large quantities.

 sweet food

Because life can’t be without sweetness but if eaten in excess Will negatively affect the health of both the body and the heart. By the sugar that is an ingredient in sweets Contribute to the stimulation of high blood sugar. In addition, it was discovered that If you regularly drink sugar-containing water Increased risk of death from heart disease by 20%

In addition, foods containing margarine. contribute to the risk of heart disease. Including eating salty foods resulting in high blood pressure. As well If you don’t want your favorite food come back and hurt yourself Should choose to eat in moderation or avoiding foods that are at risk of causing various diseases.

I know I have to reduce Refrain from eating sweets according to your mouth.