What are the cause of blemishes and dark spots ?

What are blemishes and dark spots ?  For girls who are having problems with freckles or dark spots on the face. And want to heal Today we have a way to leave each other. It’s a simple way that everyone can do at home.

     First of all, let’s get to know blemishes, because it is considered a difficult treatment that other dark spots problems. The blemishes are characterized by dark brown to black patches on our face and cheekbones Melasma is caused by an abnormality in the pigment area under the skin. Because the pigment builds too much Therefore seeing it is a different color from other areas of the skin.

 cause of blemishes and dark spots

The main cause of blemishes and dark spots

1. Sunshine

     The main reason for Thais to get blemishes is sunlight. In the sunlight there is UV radiation, which UV rays make our facial skin more pigmented. When it is built a lot, it accumulates thick and it becomes blemish. 

2. Hormones is cause of blemishes and dark spots

     Especially female hormones called estrogen and progesterone. In normal people, there are not usually problems with these hormones. Because it is a hormone that is present in every human body already But if we take birth control pills or are pregnant Chances of melasma are greater than common people because there are more hormones than normal people, sure enough. 

3. The use of cosmetics that are not quality.

     Cosmetics that are not quality Often put mercury or harmful chemicals into cosmetics. So that we look white quickly Skin looks smooth quickly. But the downside is that it will make your skin condition worse. In the long run, the skin will malfunction. Can cause blemishes followed by if any woman who uses cosmetics must use a brand that is reliable and quality, otherwise the skin will be easily damaged.

4.Age, genetics, certain drugs

     These causes can also cause melasma. Which some people may be mistaken between blemishes and freckles Blemishes look like brown to black patches, but freckles are often seen in younger people as small spots and then spread over the face.