What is Vegan ?

A type of vegetarian diet which is becoming more popular among health lovers in this modern era The group of people who consume vegan food are more strict than eating a veggie or vegetarian in general, because in addition to the vegan Will no longer eat meat of any kind, Vegans will refrain from consuming almost all non-harmful foods. Whether it is refraining from consuming milk, butter, cheese, eggs, or even honey or food in the gelatin group Likewise, it is made from animal bone marrow. and the vegan It also considers not using clothes, shoes, bags or some kind of furniture. 

Who have to encroach on animals in order to get the goods such as leather bags All kinds of leather shoes. The sofa is made of leather as the main material. And if a person is very strict some cosmetics that has test on animals such as rats or monkeys. If vegans know the brand has test in a lab before being sold It may be flat at all. Most will be see from Europeans. And UFABET quite a lot of America is campaigning for this.

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For Thailand Vegan food trend It is becoming more and more popular. Because of both health and many dishes. Most of them consider clean food. And it doesn’t give much energy. Therefore suitable for people who interest in health She ‘s losing weight, losing fat, lowering cholesterol , and many people see friends who are starting a vegan diet. The results in weight better skin and make your face bright. Therefore, it is becoming more popular to start eating vegan food in this era.

 Getting Started with a Vegan Diet

Starting a vegan diet shouldn’t be overdoing it by making a sudden change. But try to start reducing the amount of meat to eat less. By starting to abstain from milk, butter and eggs for a few days. Then gradually adding more days to it. You also need to avoid eating artificial meats derive from agricultural protein. Should choose to eat tofu is better. Cooking should change the ingredients. And select raw materials to be vegan will allow you to eat by yourself every meal.

What you should know about a vegan diet

the vegan diet Not focusing on only eating fruits and vegetables only. Because of the vegan menu must be diverse It contains tofu, beans, brown rice as an ingredient. But eating vegetarian strict causing many people to wonder eating like this will cause the body to lack nutrients. But although the vegan diet does not include meat. The body can get these nutrients from vegetable sources already in the group of proteins. It is obtain mainly from grains such as soybeans , lupine nuts and pumpkin seeds.