What kind of medicines do you need to “eat all”?

Some medicines must be consumed even after symptoms have healed. Most of the medicines that need to be consumed even. After feeling sick are antiseptics and medicines to treat chronic illnesses. For your health.


For those who are sick who have received antibiotics to continue eating at home. The disinfectant should not be stopped on its own. Even though the illness improve. Because it may cause the remaining pathogenic germs. Develop into a drug-resistant pathogen resulting in the need for stronger drugs. And may have side effects that are harmful to the body later.

Medicines for treating chronic illnesses

Medicines for treating chronic illnesses. It is a drug that is responsible for controlling symptoms. Or prevent the disease worsen as drug pressure blood lipid lowering drugs. And anticonvulsants if the drug is stop by the doctor did not order. may exacerbate the symptoms of the disease until it could lead to death

How do I know when I need to finish all my medications?

Usually, doctors and pharmacists will recommend indications. And how to use the drug in detail, therefore, should strictly follow the instructions. for effective treatment and is safe from using drugs as much as possible. According to report by ufabet