What kind of work from home will save your costs ?

WFH! What kind of work from home will save you energy costs and waste the least?. Although many people are confined to home and work from home for a while. The problem that follows is the “electricity bill” that has increased significantly. 

work from home will save your costs

Choose to sit in the coolest corner in the house.

Choose to sit in the lower room instead of the upper room of the house. And should sit away from the window To get as little heat from outside.

Attach a curtain or thermal film.

Attach a curtain or film to the window to filter light. And prevent heat from entering the house.

Narrow the space

Restrict the area with air conditioning to be specific to the area We really want By installing curtains to cool faster, the air conditioner does not leak into other rooms where people are not. Help save more electricity.

Cooling before turning on the air conditioner

Open the door and window Or turn on the ventilation fan To cool the room Before turning on the air conditioner.

Turn on the fan with air conditioner

Turning on the ufabet fan while the air conditioner is on Will increase the cold Causing us to not have to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner too low.

Cleaning the air conditioner 2 times a year

Wash the air conditioner at least twice a year because dust accumulated inside will cause the air conditioner to not work properly. Consumes more electricity bills.