When should I wear glasses?

When should I wear glasses? If your vision is blurry, objects aren’t as clear as you used to, you experience eye strain or headaches while reading, sewing, or doing other activities, you may be experiencing vision problems. Should go see an ophthalmologist and optometrist for eye testingand glasses.

but if you don’t want to cut your glasses to adjust your eyesight Reading glasses may be purchased at general optical stores. By choosing glasses that are suitable for their own eyesight. Start by holding the book about 14-16 inches away from the body and testing to see if the text can be seen clearly and feels comfortable or not. Alternatively, consult an ophthalmologist for other options, such as wearing contact lenses  and corrective surgery.

However, if vision problems are accompanied by other symptoms. Such as eye irritation, seeing black dots floating around. If see only part of the picture Seeing a flash of light in the eye, eye pain. Also sudden redness Should immediately go to see an ophthalmologist for examination and treatment.