Can I wear a mask for running?

Hygienic masks have become everyone’s item since the covid-19 crisis and not only that. But during the season when PM2.5 dust returns, N95 is a mask that plays an important role. However, when going to exercise, especially when running in parks or outdoor sports fields, should we wear a mask or N95 mask while running? Let’s find out if wearing a mask is dangerous or not. It not healthy to you.

Can I wear a mask for running?

          Wearing a mask for exercise. This may be done if we do light exercise that doesn’t make you feel very tired. Does not cause rapid breathing or breathlessness such as walking. But if wearing a jogging mask especially if jogging intensely or heavy exercise is something that should not be. Because when running to the point where the racers We will breathe shorter and faster. This is a sign that your body needs more oxygen to help you breathe.

         In addition wearing a hygienic mask runs as well. The carbon dioxide we exhale stays in the mask. In addition, the sweat that comes out will wet the mask. It blocks the ventilation holes and reduces airflow to the lungs, heart and blood vessels have to work harder. Which may adversely affect the body wearing a running mask how dangerous.

Is it dangerous to wear a jogging mask?

          As said wearing a mask, running. The body may not be able to breathe oxygen in time. They may also inhale the remaining carbon dioxide in the mask. And increase the risk of danger as follows:

1. Shortness of breath

          Alone, just wearing a mask up the stairs can make it difficult for us to breathe. But if wearing a running mask, it will feel more uncomfortable. Shortness of breath doubled. and may result in other negative consequences

2. The heart beats faster than normal.

          When you’re tired, your body doesn’t get enough oxygen. It will make us breathe faster and harder and make our heart beat faster as well. This condition may be dangerous for the elderly or people with underlying medical conditions such as heart disease patients. high blood pressure patients including patients with lung disease

3. Carbon dioxide will accumulate in the blood.

          If we inhale a lot of carbon dioxide, it can be uncomfortable. shortness of breath In addition, if carbon dioxide congestion in the blood, it will result in acidic blood. until you may feel dizzy decreased consciousness Or if there is a very high carbon dioxide in the blood, there is a risk of death at all.